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Date: Tue 30 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel not Saudi sponsors of Islamic terror!! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

After meeting with Crown Prince Abdullah in your Crawford Texas ranch on
April 25 you said: "The Crown Prince and I established a strong personal
bond." How were you able to accomplish that since Saudi Arabia continues to
fund Bin Laden's Al Qaeda network that sent 15 Saudis to kill thousands of
Americans on 9/11?

Those Saudis who attacked America on 9/11 did not emerge out of a vacuum.
They came from a society that produced the recent Saudi government telethon
raising 109 million dollars for Arafat's homicide bombers. It is the same
Saudi society that allows its ambassador to Britain Ghazi Algosaibi to
publish a poem in the Saudi-owned London newspaper al Hayat in which he
praised a suicide bomber: "You died to honor God's word" he wrote of Ayat
Akhras the 18-year-old Palestinian who blew herself up March 29 in a
Jerusalem supermarket killing two Israelis and wounding 29 others.

How does an American President establish a strong personal bond with a Saudi
leader whose government as recently reported on Fox News pays $5340 to
each Palestinian family that produces a homicide bomber?

I think it is wrong for you to forge strong personal bonds with the leader of
the Saudi Arabian government which systematically glorifies and subsidizes
Islamic terror. Instead you should honor the memory of the thousands of
fallen Americans who were killed on 9/11 and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with
Israel to defeat the Islamic terrorism that threatens free people everywhere.
Forging a close personal bond to Prime Minister Sharon and encouraging him
to destroy Arafat's infrastructure of Islamic terror would be a much more
honorable American response to 9/11 than your current embrace of the Saudi
Arabians whose government and society produced the terrorists of 9/11.





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