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Date: Thu 9 May 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Allow the Continued War against Arab Terror
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Dear Sir:

I applaud your support of Israel in its war against Arab Terror. I urge you
to continue to allow the Israeli Defense Forces to destroy the havens of Arab
terror in order to establish the foundation for peace in the Middle East.

In the face of the horrific murder of 16 Israelis in a pool parlor in the
Israeli City of Rishon L'Tzion I must reiterate what was said by Prime
Minister Sharon: "Those who call for millions of martyrs are guilty. Those
who constantly incite are guilty. Those who fund terrorism are guilty. Those
who launch terrorism are guilty. Guilty"

The guilty are Arafat and the Palestinian Arabs who are the murderers and the
Saudis Iraqis and Iranians who supply the funds for these murders to
continue. Arafat has had nine years since Oslo to install a foundation for
peace among his people. Instead he has instituted a curriculum of hate in the
schools and in the press. He was elected as a president with no viable
opposition in an election that took place years ago. Was he installed as
President for life?

The hypocrisy is that the Palestinians whine about the massacres that never
took place and then gleefully commit there own massacres.

Unless the Palestinians learn to live in peace with Israel there will be no
peace. They cannot argue that Israel is an aggressor when it attacks
terrorist bases. If those bases were not the locations from which hundreds of
innocent civilians were murdered they would not be the focus of Israeli
attacks. The Arabs are very proficient in obscuring the identity of the real
victims. They are following in the footsteps of the infamous Hitler and
Stalin. And once again the world is falling victim to this propaganda.

We must allow the Israelis to continue to root out the terror so that the
world will be safe for all its citizens.

Respectfully yours

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