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Date: Mon 13 May 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Oppose PLO terrorist state! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

Your support of Israel is greatly appreciated. It has meant a great deal to
me and to many other Americans. However your unprecedented support for a
new Palestinian state is very disturbing. No other sitting American
president has ever supported the creation of a PLO state headed by Arafat. I
believe you are mistaken to have discarded this precedent of your

For the last 38 years ever since Arafat created the PLO in 1964 all other
acting American presidents saw a PLO state headed by Arafat as a threat to
American security and therefore they opposed it. I wish you would do the

Even worse is the fact that you first articulated your support for an Arafat
state during the bloodiest campaign of PLO terrorism against Israel that the
world has ever seen. And you have maintained your support for a PLO state
headed by Arafat despite episodes like the Karine A and the Passover Seder
Massacre. No matter what you intend such a policy shift under such
circumstances signals Islamic terrorists everywhere that terrorism pays off.
Such signals do not enhance the security of Israeli or American citizens.

Please Mr. President return to your principled stand against terrorism.
Return to your moral base. Oppose the creation of a new PLO state.





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