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Date: Sun 26 May 2002
Subject: Support Israel and protect America from PLO Islamic terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The more money the US gives to Islamic terrorists the more people they kill.
Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) issued a press release on May 23
documenting how from 1999 to 2002 when the annual US aid to the PLO
increased from $80 million to $282 million the number of Israelis killed
annually by Arafat's terrorists had a parallel increase from 3 in 1999 to 244
so far in 2002. Therefore your administration should stop the flow of US
funds to Arafat's terrorist regime. It only stimulates more bloodshed by
Arafat's henchmen.

This is not merely an issue of Israeli security. American security is at
stake as well. The Palestinians sided with Saddam Hussein against the US
during Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War. Televised images of
Palestinians dancing on their rooftops while Saddam Hussein launched his scud
missiles against Israel were a sickening prelude to the televised images of
Palestinians rejoicing in the attacks suffered by America on 9/11. Clearly
the Palestinians are not friends of America and their attacks on Israel are
only a precursor to their attacks on America.

As American citizens we all are pained by the tragedy that befell our
country on 9/11 and we all regret our nation's inability to have prevented
it. Our only productive response is to try to avert future acts of Islamic
terrorism. If your administration would stop the nearly $300 million that it
is sending to Arafat's terrorist regime in this year alone that would be a a
step in the right direction.





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