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Date: Tue 28 May 2002
Subject: Support Israel! No US Aid to Arafat! No PLO state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

As I am sure you know on May 27 a member of Arafat's Al Aksa Brigades
perpetrated a homicide bombing at an ice cream parlor in Petach Tikvah. This
cruel operation killed a 60 year old grandmother and her 18 month old
granddaughter. Many other children waiting to be served their ice cream
were critically injured and hospitalized.

All murder is wrong and all terrorism is wicked. Still it requires a
special degree of cruelty to use a homicide bomber laden with explosives
packed with sharpened metal nails against children at an ice-cream parlor on
a warm pre-summer evening. It is the same special brand of cruelty that
allowed Palestinian terrorists to machine-gun to death at pointblank range
5 year old Danielle Shefi on April 27 in the Judean village of Adura as she
lay trembling in her bed on her Mickey Mouse sheets while her father was at
the little town's synagogue for his Sabbath morning prayers. It is the same
evil and wickedness that has been the trademark of Palestinian terrorism for
the last hundred years from the Munich Olympics to the Ma'alot school
children to Hebron 1929.

Mr. President surely your support for Palestinians is not unconditional.
There must be some terrorist act so despicable and horrifying that if
committed by the Palestinians would merit your determined opposition to
their cause. Please let this Palestinian murder of a toddler and her
grandmother waiting for ice cream be that final terrorist act. Let it allow
you to see the Palestinians and their cause for the evil they truly

Please declare an end to your unprecedented presidential support for a vision
of a Palestinian state and declare an end to your current 300 million dollar
annual subsidy of Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Let this latest act of
Palestinian cruelty be the last one that is perpetrated with your
administration's fiscal and political support for the Palestinian agenda.





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