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Date: Thu 30 May 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Indict and imprison Arab killers of Americans! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

As you may know three of the 13 Palestinian Arab terrorists who were
recently flown from Bethlehem to Cyprus and then to various European
countries were involved in the murders of American citizens. The names of
the Americans who were killed are Avi Boaz Sarah Blaustein and Koby
Mandell. The names of the Palestinian Arab terrorists who were involved in
their murder and who now appear to be enjoying their freedom in Europe are
Ibrahim Abyat Ismail Hamdan and Mahmoud Hamdan.

For the sake of justice please urge our Department of Justice to indict
these terrorists and to seek their extradition from whichever countries take
them in. Congressman Eliot Engel and fifty of his Congressional colleagues
have recently sent a letter to Attorney-General John Ashcroft asking for
precisely this course of action to be taken. Please give their request for
basic justice the positive response it deserves.

Consistent with America's war against terrorism terrorists who murder
American citizens must not be allowed to walk free. Thank you for your
consideration and diligence in fighting terrorism around the world.





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