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Date: Fri 07 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Only Under Israeli Rule Can There Be Freedom For All

Dear Sir:

The recent attack on a civilian bus by the Arabs is one more incident in a long list of inhumane attacks that are being perpetrated by them in an attempt to anihilate the Jewish population in the Middle East.

Over the past century the Jewish populations of the Arab states have been persecuted to such an extent that the vast majority of the Jews in these countries have fled to Israel and other Western countries. In the Arab administered areas of Gaza and the West Bank Jews are unwelcome. However there are Arab population centers throughout Israel.

There are no Jews in Saudi Arabia and in other Persian Gulf states. Yet the Arabs demand presence in Israel.

To quote an article recently written hy a number of Americans in support of Israel: " Finally let us consider the demand that certain territories in the Muslim world must be off-limits to Jews. This demand is of a piece with Hitler's proclamation that German land had to be "Judenrein" (empty of Jews). Arabs can live freely throughout Israel and as full citizens. Why should Jews be forbidden to live or to own land in an area like the West Bank simply because the majority of people is Arab?"

The fact that the majority of people in this area are Arab is simply because the Jews were massacred and run out of these areas in the years prior to 1948.

I urge you to continue your support of Israel. Only under Israeli sovereignty can there be freedom and security in Israel and the West Bank for all people.

Respectfully yours

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