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Date: Sun 9 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Bible's promise of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and Judea! (VIPAC

Dear Mr. President:

Your recent meetings with President Mubarak of Egypt and Prime Minister
Sharon of Israel have been described by your administration as the prelude
for your next diplomatic push in the Middle East. If so please present an
American policy consistent with Biblical truths and international law and
justice. Please declare your support for Israeli sovereignty in all of
Jerusalem Judea Samaria Gaza and the Golan Heights. Please support only
cultural autonomy--but no political sovereignty--for the Palestinians who
wish to live in peace under Israeli sovereignty in these areas.

This would allow the Palestinians to develop their own schools municipal
governing bodies and tax codes as well as their own police force which--like
the police of England--would be armed with batons and billy clubs but no
firearms. This would remove any Israeli presence from their daily lives if
they choose to live in peace. This would also prevent the Palestinians from
developing their own army air force navy and weapons of mass destruction
as well as preventing Iraq and Al Qaeda from using Palestinian territory as a
launching pad for terrorist actions against Israel or America. The result of
all this would be enhanced security for the entire Middle East as well as
the United States.

This can be done by basing your policy on the Bible's promise of the land of
Israel to the people of Israel. This is also in keeping with the original
League of Nation's mandate for Palestine which promised a homeland for the
Jewish people and from which the country Jordan was carved out to provide a
Palestinian Arab state. This is also in keeping with the original Camp David
Accords between Israel and Egypt which the United States cosigned which
contains Prime Minister Begin's outline of sovereignty for Israel with
cultural autonomy for peaceful Palestinians who wish to live under Israeli
sovereignty in Judea Samaria and Gaza.

Now is the time for your administration to end its public support for a
second Palestinian state (in addition to Jordan) which will inevitably become
a hotbed of terrorism and bloodshed directed against Israelis and Americans.
Now is the time for your administration to make good on its commitment to
restore integrity to the White House by ending the $300 million annual
subsidy you currently supply to Arafat's terrorist regime. Now is the time
to declare boldly your insistence upon cultural autonomy under Israeli
sovereignty for the Palestinian Arabs of Judea Samaria and Gaza.

The Bible's believers and the Bible's Author will praise you for such a





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