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Date: Mon 10 Jun 2002
Subject: Support the land of Israel for the people of Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The Kingdom of Jordan is a Palestinian state. It comprises the majority of
the original League of Nations Palestine Mandate. The majority of its
citizens are Palestinian Arabs and the majority of the world's Palestinian
Arabs live there. There is no objective criteria by which the Kingdom of
Jordan cannot be considered a Palestinian state.

The question before your administration now is whether or not to demand the
creation of a second terrorist Palestinian state in Judea Samaria and Gaza
in addition to the peaceful Palestinian state of Jordan. Since the latest
poll (New York Times June 9 Page 6 Section 4) shows that 52% of
Palestinians support suicide bombings within Israel's 1967 borders and that
86% of Palestinians oppose arresting such bombers I do not think that
granting such people a second state of their own is prudent. The scale of
terrorist bloodshed of which a sovereign terrorist Palestinian state would be
capable--with its own army navy air force missile program and weapons of
mass destruction program as well as its ability to form alliances with
whomever it wishes including Iraq and Al Qaeda--is horrible to imagine. It
would likely be of such staggering proportions that free people everywhere
would be endangered even here in the United States. The announcement on
June 10 of the arrest of Jose Padilla for plotting with Al Qaeda to explode a
radioactive "dirty" bomb in Washington DC is but a faint foreshadowing of
the type of enormous disaster that a second Palestinian state would

"We need to start immediately in building the institutions necessary for the
emergence of a Palestinian state which... will give hope to the Palestinian
people" were your words on June 8. Mr. President you could not be more
wrong. The Palestinian people have repeatedly shown themselves in word
thought and deed to support the most vicious types of terrorist crimes. Such
people should not be given hope of victory. They should be defeated to make
the world a safer place for all people including Americans who are targets
of Islamic terror. And they should be told to be satisfied with the
Palestinian state they already have the Kingdom of Jordan.





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