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Date: Tue 18 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Don't reward PLO terrorism with statehood! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In the name of common sense in the name of decency in the name of
democracy in the name of all the values that the United States holds sacred
in the name of future generations in the name of national security in the
name of morality in the name of the brave Israeli people in the name of all
that you know to be true and just and good in the name of God Almighty
please do not reward Arab terrorism and aggression.

Please do not propose that the Arabs be rewarded with any part of the Land of
Israel for any time or for any reason. The last thing the world needs the
thing that humankind can least afford is another terrorist Arab state.

The "Palestinian" Arabs have shown themselves to be capable of the most
despicable evil. The recent massacre of 19 high school students and other
innocents on a public bus in southern Jerusalem is but one example. Please
Mr. President do not reward their evil acts with your blessing for national
sovereignty. That will only enable and encourage Palestinian Islamic
terrorists to commit even larger and deadlier acts of mass murder against
Israel and America.





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