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Date: Tue 18 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Waiting in Gaza Grieving in Israel

Dear Sir:

The Arabs and many of their supporters are claiming that Israeli security measures including checkpoints between Arab and Jewish Communities are the cause of the violence in the Middle East and not the result of it. Once again the claims of moral equivilance between the suffering of the victims and the suffering of the agressors is coming to the fore.

In a letter to the Editor in the June 12th edition of The New York Times Arab terror is correctly blamed for the suffering incurred by the Arab civilian population of the West Bank and Gaza. Following a letter blaming the unrest on the tightened security measures imposed by Israeli Police David Golante of New York writes that the Arabs' wait for security checks is in no way comparable to the Israeli family's wait for their murdered children. ( See letter following)

As the June 18th bombing in Jerusalem demonstrates even with these security measures murderers are able to get through.

Until the Arabs accept responsibility for fomenting violence there will be no peace. The World cannot righteously accuse Israel of causing hardship to the Arabs while the latter support & actively assist in the murder of innocent Israelis.

As the Israeli writer Hillel Halkin wrote last fall in The Wall Street Journal: "If you have better advice for Israel feel free to give it. Just don't tell us it's our duty to die."

Respectfully yours

"At Checkpoint in Gaza Travelers Wait and Wait" (front page June 12):

The insufferable hours-long and often daylong wait to cross the Abu Houli checkpoint manned by Israeli soldiers indeed reflects the pain and humiliation of the average Palestinian.

On the other hand one is reminded of the lifelong wait of an Israeli family waiting for their daughter to return from school. That waiting will never end because the girl was killed by a Palestinian terrorist ("Palestinian Suicide Bomber Kills a Girl and Wounds 8" news article June 12).

The hours-long and daylong waits will end only when there are no further lifelong waits.

New York June 12 2002




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