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Date: Wed 19 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Prime Minister Bush would have bombed Ramallah yesterday!

Dear President Bush:

I want you to know that I am one of your strongest supporters. I began
praying for you during the presidential campaign prayed before each one of
the debates and before your major speeches (still do) prayed fervently for
five weeks during the election process and am a member of the Presidential
Prayer Team. I have admired the job you have done as our President and
sometimes think I couldn't be more proud of you if I were your parent!

Monday night I was so angry as I listened to the news of the bus bombing in
Jerusalem during the morning rush hour. I thought this has got to be the last
straw. How can we and the rest of the world continue to ask Israel to stand
by and continue to be slaughtered as they travel the highways go to work and
school or shop in the market? If you were Prime Minister of Israel I believe
we would have been bombing Ramallah yesterday.

Then this morning news of another successful homicide attack. And news that
you are planning a speech regarding the formation of a Palestinian state!
Please reconsider such a pronouncement. If we had had 70 attacks from
followers of Osama bin Laden (with many more intercepted before they were
successful) instead of two or three would you today be proposing that we
reward him with a sovereign state? I know you would not. Please do not ask
the Israeli people to do so with the Islamic terrorists who are attacking





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