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Date: Tue 25 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel! No Islamic terrorist state for murderous Palestinians! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In your speech of June 24 you said: "The hatred of a few holds the hopes of
many hostage." That is not true regarding the Palestinians. Multiple
reliable polls of Palestinian public opinion have shown that a solid majority
supports massacres of Israelis. Thus it is the murderous hatred of the
majority of Palestinian Arabs not the hatred of a few that needs to be

You went on to say: "I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders."
Since the clear majority of Palestinians support vicious acts of mass murder
against Israelis a new Palestinian leadership that is democratically elected
and honestly representative of their people will be no less bent on terrorism
and bloodshed than Arafat's PA. Therefore your call for the election of new
Palestinian leaders is meaningless in terms of ending their war of Islamic

But your expression of support for a Palestinian state west of the Jordan
River--without any mention of its demilitarization and without denying a
Palestinian "right" to flood Israel with millions of fake refugees and
without mentioning that Jordan already is a Palestinian state--does have
great meaning in one regard. It is a substantial reward for the PLO's
recently accelerated campaign of mass murder and Islamic terror. This is a
grave error which compromises American security. As 9/11 painfully taught
us America too is a target of Islamic terrorism. And rewarding Islamic
terrorism anywhere increases the incentive for Islamic terrorism everywhere
including here in the USA.

So please end your call for the "right" of the murderous majority of
Palestinian Arabs to a second sovereign state west of the Jordan River. That
will only strengthen the international axis of evil that currently threatens
American security. And please end the current 300 million dollar annual
subsidy that your administration continues to send--even to this very day--to
Arafat and his terrorist cohorts in the PA.





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