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Date: Sat 29 Jun 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Stop subsidizing Al Qaeda through Arafat! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

As reported by CBS Al Qaeda is still active in the United States and
Palestinian Arabs living here are involved. Currently under arrest is
Palestinian Arab Adham Hassoun of Sunrise Florida who is accused of working
with Al Qaeda to organize more 9/11-type attacks here in America. In fact
this Palestinian Arab was to be the contact person for the accused American
Al Qaeda member Jose Padilla who was arrested last month for planning Islamic
terror attacks in the US using radioactive bombs.

Despite your recent suggestion that US aid to Palestinian Arabs might be
curtailed someday in the future you are not curtailing it now. Even though
you have said that the current Palestinian Arab leadership does not fight
terror but instead promotes terror you are still sending them a financial
lifeline that amounts to 300 million dollars in this year alone. You are
subsidizing Palestinians with millions of American tax dollars even while
they are participating in preparing new 9/11-type of attacks against America.

I think it is terrible that Palestinian Islamic terrorists want to hurt
America. I think it is tragic that your administration is funding them while
they are trying to do so. As a taxpayer I do not wish to be in the
uncomfortable position of paying for my own country's demise. Therefore I
respectfully request that you immediately--TODAY--end all American fiscal and
political aid to the Palestinian Authority.





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