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Date: Thu 4 Jul 2002
Subject: Support Israel: "I'm Crying Enough Tears To Fill An Ocean"
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Dear Sir:

"I'm Crying Enough Tears To Fill An Ocean" read the headline on The Friday
June 21st edition of the Jerusalem Post. The person in pain is Pnina Alon
whose Mother and five year old daughter were murdered together with five
others by an Arab in Jerusalem on Thursday June 20th 2002.

Eisenman was quoted as saying "I'm told the terrorist deliberately went next
to the mothers & the children wanting to kill as many as possible."

These terrorists are the representatives of the Palestinian Arabs. Over 50%
of the Palestinian Arabs support suicide murder. They support the killing and
maiming of women and children as a means to achieve a political objective.

In Bosnia and Africa that was considered a war crime. It is the same genocide
and crime in Israel.

The Arabs must not be rewarded for these crimes. There already is a
Palestinian Arab State- Jordan. And numerous other Arab states. The Arabs in
the West Bank and Gaza have no choice but to live in peace with Israel.
Without terror. If they cannot then there is no place for them in the
Middle East or in the World.

Pnina Alon's tears are ours too. There can be no reward for the Arab Terror.

Your continued support for Israel in its war against Arab terror is

Respectfully yours




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