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Date: Wed 10 Jul 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Expose Terror & Show all All Americans how to Restore Honesty!

Dear Mr. President:

On July 4 an Egyptian Islamist named Hesham Muhammad Ali Hadayet murdered
two Jews at the LA International Airport at the El Al terminal. Your
administration particularly the FBI has gone through an amazing set of
mental gymnastics to avoid calling this an act of terrorism. That prompted
the American family of one of the victims Victoria Chen who was 25 years old
and about to become engaged to be married to issue the following statement:

"We the family believe that this was a murder an act carried out by a
terrorist against Israelis and American Israelis on American soil. We wish
that the American government will once and for all take a clear and present
stand on the issue of terror and will act on it."

The Chen family hit the nail on the head with that statement. Your
administration refused to call this act of terrorism by its true name
precisely because it did not want to take the actions such an acknowledgment
would require. Such actions would upset the Saudis and their American
friends the PLO and their American friends and the radical Islamists of the
American Muslim Council who recently hosted the head of the FBI at their
recent convention. And since you wished to avoid upsetting such powerful and
influential groups you followed a course of moral obfuscation rejected
moral clarity and refused to call the July 4 murders an act of terrorism.

Mr. President On July 9 you went to Wall Street and demanded honesty and
integrity and moral clarity from American business leaders. That is a fine
objective but how can you hope to achieve it when your administration
demonstrates an egregious lack of moral clarity in confronting acts of
Islamic terrorism? If you can fudge the definition of terrorism if you can
obscure the distinction between PLO terror and Israeli self-defense if you
can confuse Israel's historical and Biblical right to Jerusalem Judea
Samaria and the Golan Heights with the histrionics of phony Palestinian
refugees then how can you expect Wall Street not to learn from your example
and to continue cooking their account books and betraying the American

Please restore the moral clarity in America's fight against Islamic terror
that you once had. That can only help other Americans reinstate integrity
and honesty in their dealings with one another.





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