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Date: Tue 16 Jul 2002
Subject: VIPAC- Support Israel: No Peace Is Possible With An Enemy You Cannot Trust
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Dear Sir:

I congratulate your Administration for your stand with Israel and against the
Arabs and their policy of terror. Yassir Arafat and his Arab cohorts cannot
be trusted. The following letter written by N. W. Russ of Southampton PA to
the editor of the Jerusalem Post appeared in its International Edition on
July 5 2002 contains points which put into question the ability to trust
the Arabs:

"Dear Sir - So Yassir Arafat and a few Arab intellectuals have finally come
out publicly and condemned suicide bombers. Big deal! .

This is the same Arafat who when talking about the Oslo and Wye River
accords said on Egyptian Television in April 1998 that "We respect agreements
the way that the prophet Muhammad and Saladin respected the agreements that
they signed."

What agreements was he referring to? The Hudibiyya Agreement was a peace
treaty that Muhammad made with the enemy tribe of Quayresh when Muhammad was
in an inferior military position. Two years later his military position had
improved considerably whereupon Muhammad tore up the treaty and slaughtered
the Quayreshites.

During the Crusades when Saladin was loosing the war against the forces of
Richard the Lionheart he called for a cease-fire but once the English troops
relaxed SaIadin called for a jihad and captured Jerusalem. What's the moral
of the story? Israel (and the rest of the world) cannot trust Arafat or the
Arabs. They've broken their agreements in the past and they intend to break
them in the future whenever it suits them."

The Arabs cannot be trusted. They have broken every agreement they have
entered into with Israel. The Arabs still talk of recapturing all of Israel.
Israel persecuted by the Arab world for over 100 years the only haven for
Jews in the entire world and one small country in a sea of millions of
Arabs and over a dozen independent countries. There cannot be peace until the
Arabs and the rest of the world come to the realization that Israel has the
right to exist with defensible borders.

Until the Arabs demonstrate the willingness to come to a peace with Israel
they have no place in the Middle East.

Respectfully yours




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