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Date: Sat 20 Jul 2002
Subject: Support Israel! End dollars for Arafat! End support for PLO state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

After wrapping up a summit with the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia Egypt
and Jordan on July 18 you are quoted in the news as having promised that
"the US would work as hard as possible to help create an independent
Palestinian state within the next three years" and "that you would not allow
the renewed terror attacks in Israel to stand in the way of the peace

Basically then your administration has taken the following position. No
matter how many innocent Israeli citizens are killed by terrorists--even
thousands or millions--your administration plans to wrest the land that the
Almighty has given to Israel and turn it over to Islamic terrorists. Such a
policy is flawed not only morally but politically and militarily as well.

According to a recent poll 80% of Palestinian Arabs in Judea Samaria and
Gaza have declared they would support Iraq in any future war against America.
These are the same Arabs who were televised dancing in the streets on 9/11.
They are no friends of America. Indeed they are America's enemy as much as

I urge you Mr. President to end your support for a Palestinian state in Judea
and Samaria and Gaza. Such a policy shows contempt for the hundreds of
innocent Israeli civilians who have been--and continue to be--murdered by
Arab terrorist in Israel and the thousands who have been horribly injured and
crippled for life. Worse your plan for a PLO state is directly in contrast
with the Holy Scriptures. And last but not least your support for a
Palestinian state harms America's security interests and undermines our war
for survival against Islamic terror.





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