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Date: Tue 23 Jul 2002
Subject: Support Israel's fight against PLO terror and restore moral clarity! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

After the despair and fear that I and many Americans felt in the immediate
aftermath of the Islamic terrorist assault on America on 9/11 I was
encouraged and inspired by your bold words and brave actions to protect our
country. I was thrilled by your call for moral clarity in the war of
survival that America is now fighting against Islamic terror. But your s
ubsequent support for a Palestinian state that will be a springboard for
Islamic terror around the world and your administration's repeated criticism
of Israel for defending itself against that terror make me doubt your
commitment to maintain that moral clarity as it comes under increasing
pressure from Arabs and oil interests.

These doubts were intensified when back on April 4 in a major address to the
nation you said the following: "When an 18-year-old Palestinian girl is
induced to blow herself up and in the process kills a 17-year-old Israeli
girl the future itself is dying -- the future of the Palestinian people
and the future of the Israeli people." You failed to distinguish between the
Islamic murderess and her Jewish victim placing both of them in the same
tragic category of a dying future. You can have no claim to moral clarity if
you cannot differentiate between a guilty Arab terrorist and her innocent
Jewish victim.

In the tragic wake of 9/11 I and many other Americans expect more from you.
And the free world needs more from you if the war against Islamic terror is
to be won. Please urge Israel to take increasingly strong military measures
against the Islamic terrorists and the Arab communities that support them.
If Arab families are willing to collect 25 thousand dollars for sending off a
child to be a suicide terrorist then they share the blame for the
terrorist's crime and should share the punishment. Please encourage and
stop criticizing Israel for taking all steps necessary to defend itself from
the Islamic terrorism that threatens us all.





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