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Date: Wed 24 Jul 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Stop "Heavy Handed" criticism of Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your spokesman Ari Fleischer said on July 23 regarding Israel's elimination
of the Islamic terrorist Salah Shehada that: "the president believes this
heavy handed action does not contribute to peace." Mr. President my opinion
is that comments criticizing Israel's right to self defense like this one by
your spokesman are the greatest non-contributors to peace. Such statements
give encouragement to Hamas terrorists as they plan their next murderous

This Islamic terrorist Shehada was at large and on a two year killing spree
because the Palestinian Authority which your administration funds at a
current annual rate of 300 million dollars refused to arrest him. The
Palestinian leaders are the ones responsible for Shehada remaining free to be
a continuous danger to innocents both Israeli and Palestinians and they are
the ones who should be condemned by your administration for any innocent

It is a violation of the Geneva Accords to deliberately establish military
positions in civilian centers. Yet that is exactly what the Palestinian
Authority has done repeatedly in places like Jenin as well as by sheltering
Shehada in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority is committing war crimes by these
actions and it is the Palestinian Authority not Israel that deserves your

Finally I must ask this question: If you knew of Osama Bin Laden's cave
hideout before 9/11 would the presence of his numerous family members have
prevented you from sending in waves of B52's with Daisy Cutter bombs to
disrupt his murderous plans against America?





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