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Date: Thu 15 Aug 2002
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: End Arafat's Occupation of Disputed Territories
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Dear Sir:

It is time to end the PLO's and Arafat's occupation of the West Bank of the
Jordan. In the words of Michael Freund in the May 29th edition of the
Jerusalem Post "It is time for Israel and its supporters to finally muster
up the courage to acknowledge the cold hard truth - the West Bank and Gaza
are 'occupied territories.'" And it is Arafat and his murdering cronies who
are the occupiers.

The Arafat regime is cruel and heartless. These Arabs have displayed little
concern for the lives of innocent citizens and have employed despicable
measures with the objective of driving the residents from their homes making
them so miserable that they will have no choice but to leave. They have
usurped the rights of the native citizens to live in peace and prosperity.

Since the Oslo agreements the Palestine Authority ("PA") under the
leadership of Arafat and his comrades have transformed large swaths of Judea
Samaria and Gaza into schools of terrorism. They have targeted Jews and other
Arabs living in these areas. Jews are being targeted in order to force them
to leave. Arabs are being targeted in order to smother any dissent to the
terrorists objectives and methods.

Arafat and the PA have reached the heights of corruption misusing foreign
donor money and teaching and promulgating a culture of death and suicide
among their own people. They have rejected peace and have tried to put an end
to all efforts to end the century-old Arab-Israeli conflict by peaceful

However the most compelling reason as to why the PA should be considered an
"occupying power" is that they have taken control of land that does not
belong to them. Regardless of what the Arabs the European Union the United
Nations or others might say: Judea Samaria and Gaza are the part of the
inheritance of the Jewish people. History quite simply is on Israel's side.

Centuries before the advent of Islam these provinces were the home of the
Jews. Ancient synagogues and other Jewish sites cover the land. As Freund
wrote "Politicians may lie but 2000-year old stones do not."

Gaza also has a long Jewish history. The Hasmonean king Yochanan brother of
Judah the Maccabee captured Gaza in 145 BCE and his brother Shimon sent
Jews to settle there.

And throughout the centuries there has been a Jewish presence in the land.

Arafat has a longer history of living in Egypt than in Israel and the
adjoining disputed territories. It is time for us to tell the Arabs and the
World that Israel and the Jews have the same rights to the land of Judea
Samaria and Gaza as the Arabs. Even more so as the Jews are willing to let
all peoples live in peace.

The history of Arab exclusivity to their lands must end. Jews cannot live in
Saudi Arabia. Christian bibles are illegal in that country. During the period
of Jordanian rule over Judea and Samaria Jews were not allowed to live in
those areas. The failure of the Arab regimes and the PA to recognize the
right of other nationalities and cultures cannot be tolerated.

I urge you to continue to support Israel and to help it keep the disputed
territories of Judea Samaria and Gaza free for all peoples to live.

Respectfully yours




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