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Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002
Subject: Support Israel America's ally in the fight against Islamic terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

I congratulate your strong support for Israel's fight against Islamic terror.
Israel's fight is America's fight in this regard. Liberty's enemies amply
demonstrate that when they heap abuse upon America and Israel in equal
measure often under the aegis of the United Nations. That is why I applaud
your administration's publicly declared decision to veto anti-Israel UN
Security Council resolutions.

I am referring to the following which was published in the Jerusalem Post on
August 4: "US Ambassador John Negroponte vowed to veto any future Security
Council resolution on the Middle East that fail to condemn Palestinian terror
and name Hamas Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade as the groups
behind the attacks. Negroponte said that resolutions must also note that any
Israeli withdrawal is connected to the security situation and that both
parties must be called upon to pursue a negotiated settlement."

This courageous stand you have taken in defiance of all the dictatorships
terrorists and their sycophants that constitute nearly the entire UN
membership is a credit to you personally and to all Americans. Your
courage gives hope to all who value freedom and democracy that America under
your leadership will have the determination and strength to prevail in our
war for survival against Islamic terror here and abroad.





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