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Date: Thu 29 Aug 2002
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: Arab Murderers of Americans Must Be Brought to Justice
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Dear Sir:

The signing of the Oslo accords did not bring the quiet and peace to Israel
and the Arabs that was envisioned. The Arabs have continued to attack
innocent civilians throughout the area killing and in the process many
innocent American citizens have been murdered.

As reported on Arutz -7 Radio on August 19th in response to the recent
murders of American and Israeli citizens at the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem our president has stated his determination that "We must not
allow a few killers to halt the march to peace."

If only it would be true that there were a few killers. The problem is that
there are thousands of Arabs in Gaza the West Bank throughout the Middle
East and even in our own country who applauded the murders of Americans as
well as Israelis. They danced at the murders of our people at the World Trade
Center and at the murders at the Hebrew University.

I urge you to support and enforce the Koby Mandell Act of 2001 - named after
a 13-year-old American boy brutally murdered while hiking near his home in
the town of Tekoa Israel. This Act calls for the arrest and prosecution of
PLO and other Arab terrorists who have committed acts of international
terrorism against Americans. Americans For A Safe Israel has called for the
State Department Rewards program which provides rewards for the furnishing
of information leading to the capture of murderers "to be advertised
broadly especially amongst the Arab population so that the general public
might respond."

There has been no let up in the murder of our citizens by Arabs. From the
murder of a disabled senior on an Italian ocean liner to sailors on U.S.
warships to civilians in the Twin Towers and students and teenagers in
Israel. It is time to tell the Arabs that we will no longer tolerate this

If Arafat and his fellow Arabs choose to celebrate the deaths of our citizens
it is time to put them out of power. Until they stop this mayhem and turn
over the murderers to our justice system they are America's enemy.

Respectfully yours




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