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Date: Wed 4 Sep 2002
Subject: Support Israel! End US subsidy of PLO terror operations and techniques! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your administration's continued 300 million dollar annual subsidy of the PLO
facilitates the Palestinian Authority's massive purchasing program of illegal
weapons such as those found on the Karine A. Your administration's
hundreds of millions of dollars for Arafat's coffers also facilitate the
financial incentives Arafat offers for the families that produce homicide
bombers. Clearly the enormous sums of money you are sending Arafat are being
misused. Please stop sending those funds to the Palestinians immediately.

But beyond financial aid there are interrogation techniques and military
intelligence gathering methods that your administration is sharing via the
CIA with the PLO. That too should stop for that assistance is also being
misused. On September 2 the New York Times reported that two Palestinian
women recently murdered by Arafat's Al Aksa Brigades had been killed because
of the skills given them by American intelligence agencies.

These two Palestinian women--one 17 years old and the other a mother of seven
children -- were murdered according to the New York Times because "The
interrogators were experienced and qualified intelligence men from the
Palestinian Authority trained in Britain and the United States."

Please stop sending money to the Palestinian Authority. That only helps them
buy illegal weapons and sponsor terrorism. And please stop training
Palestinian Authority members in interrogation and intelligence gathering
techniques. That only helps them try to justify their murder of women after
extended periods of torture.





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