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Date: Fri 13 Sep 2002
Subject: Support Israel: The UN Should Not Subject Israel to a Double Standard
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Dear Sir:

Once again the world is about to set different standards for Israel and the=20
Jews than it sets for itself. In an address to the world on September 12=20
2002 the Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan stated these different=20

Annan was quoted as saying regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that=20
"The so-called sequential approach has failed ... an international peace=20
conference is needed without delay to set out a roadmap of parallel steps -=20
steps to strengthen Israel's security steps to strengthen Palestinian=20
economic and political institutions and steps to settle the details of the=20
final peace agreement. Meanwhile humanitarian steps to relieve Palestinian=
suffering must be intensified." He was reported to have stated that=20
resolution of Palestinian civilian suffering takes priority over Israeli=20
security concerns.

However with regard to Iraq Annan said : "Iraq's compliance with the [U.N.=
Council's resolutions=E2=80=A6 is an indispensable first step towards assur=
ing the=20
world that all Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have indeed been=20
eliminated - and let me stress towards the suspension and eventual ending o=
the sanctions that are causing so many hardships for the Iraqi people. I=20
urge Iraq to comply with its obligations for the sake of its own people and=
for the sake of world=20

Why are Annan's security concerns more important that those of Israel. Why=20
aren't Arafat and his henchmen including his terrorists cronies not being=20
held responsible for civilian suffering. Arafat and his Arab country men are=
staunch supporters of Iraq's Hussein. They have danced in the streets at the=
calamity of the September 11th terrorist acts. They are the culprits with=20
regard to the suffering of the Jews and their own people.=20

Should Israel be more responsible for the suffering of the Arabs within its=20
than the UN is with regard to the Arabs of Iraq. Why is Israel being held to=
a greater level of responsibility than the United Nations?

Until all Arabs: civilians Arafat his administration governments=20
dictators terrorists militants (or whatever synonym for murderer they=20
choose to use) create and maintain an environment of peace and security for=
Israel and its people they are subject to all and any actions that any=20
civilized people are entitled to employ to insure their basic rights. There=20
should be no distinction between the methods the UN uses to create security=20
and those that Israel can use.

I urge you to continue our country's support of Israel. Although it appears=
that there is quiet in the region hardly a day goes by with an agressive ac=
being made by the Arabs against Israelis. Until there is peace and security=20
for the Israelis the Arab murderers cannot be allowed to hide behind the=20
robes of their civilians. There can be no double standard.

Respectfully yours

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