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Date: Thu 19 Sep 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Demand surrender not sovereignty for PLO! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Every time your administration publicly endorses the creation of an
independent Palestinian state--something no other American administration has
ever done--Arafat's terrorists are encouraged to commit greater acts of
violence and bloodshed. Consider the most recent statement earlier this week
issued by the Quartet consisting of the United States the UN the European
Union and Russia. That statement endorsed an independent Palestinian state
and was promptly followed by two PLO suicide/homicide bombings.

Offering rewards for the PLO's unremitting campaign of terror will only
encourage it to continue that terror with increasing intensity. That is what
your advocacy of PLO sovereignty accomplishes as was demonstrated this week.
Conversely offering punishments for the PLO's campaign of terror is the way
to discourage it and end it. Demanding the PLO's unconditional surrender to
Israel as was called for in the lead editorial of the Jerusalem Post of
9/20 would be an appropriate disincentive for the PLO's terrorist behavior
and that should be your administration's policy.

"Sharon yielded to the pressures at home and abroad and began to loosen the
IDF's grip" the Jerusalem Post wrote in that editorial. "Sharon's softening
over the past several weeks has proved demonstrably unsuccessful. That
leaves but one choice -- to undertake a sustained ongoing military campaign
with the express goal of compelling the Palestinians to surrender
unconditionally. No negotiations no talk of partial cease-fires or of
limiting attacks to certain areas or certain types of Israeli civilians. All
that has been tried and it has failed...Once and for all bring Yasser
Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to their knees and put an end to their
terrorist onslaught. Nothing less than a complete Palestinian surrender is
necessary and if the only way to bring that about is through the use of
overwhelming military power then that is what Israel must now do."

Mr. President Islamic terrorism is a cancer threatening the entire free
world including America. And just like cancer cannot be granted a sanctuary
without fatal consequences neither can Islamic terror. Yet that is the
practical effect of your advocacy of an independent PLO state which credibly
promises to become just such a sanctuary for the cancer of Islamic terror.
So please for the sake of America's survival and of freedom's survival
everywhere stop urging sovereignty--and start demanding unconditional
surrender--for the terrorist PLO.





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