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Date: Tue 24 Sep 2002
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: Israel is Waiting for A Partner

Dear Sir:

The recent renewal of Arab attacks against Israeli civilians has once again emphasized the fact that Israel has no peace partner.

On September 19th 2002 an Arab murderer blew himself up killing and wounding many innocent Israelis. The Jerusalem Post report on the murders included a statement from an Israeli government spokesperson. Mark Sofer an official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that "once again the utter bestiality of Palestinian terrorism has reared its ugly head on a bus in Tel Aviv."

The newspapers also included a report that the Iraqi Arab Sadam Hussein is now giving $25000 to the families of suicide bombers.

The Arabs do not want peace. This is not the way a civilized people conducts itself. People who want peace do not blow each other up and do not accept rewards for doing so.

These attacks are no different from the terrorist attacks that we are facing in the United States. Until the Arabs are willing to make sacrifices for peace and not for war there will be no peace.

And until they are willing to make peace their right to live among the Israelis or for that matter among any peoples is marginal at best. People do not have the right to live in a land unless they are willing to co-exist with the other peoples in that land.

Without any Arab interest in peace there will be no peace. I urge you to continue to support Israel in its battle for existence.

Respectfully yours




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