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Date: Tue 1 Oct 2002
Subject: Support Israel and Jerusalem as its capital! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

I congratulate you on signing the Congressional resolution calling for the
United States to officially recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish State's
legitimate capital. I am referring to the Jerusalem addendum Congress passed
last week as part of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act for 2003 which
you signed on Sept. 30. That was a courageous action on your part that
infuriated Islamic terrorists and their supporters around the world and I
applaud you for that.

However your press secretary Ari Fleischer undermined your brave achievement
by calling this act of Congress "advisory not mandatory." Other spokesmen
went on to say that your administration has no plans to relocate the US
embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as urged by the bill.

Mr. President the most ethical and practical course for you would be to
fully honor your signature on that bill. Bible and history support Israel's
claim to Jerusalem as its capital. Therefore fully enforcing the bill you
signed and relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem would be the most ethical
course to follow. That would also be your most practical course since you
would thereby avoid needlessly antagonizing your strongest supporters in
America's war on Islamic terror.

Saddam Hussein pays 25000 dollars to the Palestinian families that produce
suicide/homicide terrorist bombers that kill Jews in Israel. That is just
one reason why many American supporters of Israel are eager to support your
position that progress in America's war on terror requires a regime change in
Iraq. So why alienate people who wish to support you? Why pretend that
Jerusalem is not the rightful capital of Israel when that offends not only
Biblical and historical truth but also offends those who wish to be your
greatest allies and supporters?

You are encountering so much resistance from political opponents here and
abroad in your efforts to fight Islamic terror to secure America's freedom
how can you afford to disregard so many American supporters of Israel?





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