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Date: Wed 30 Oct 2002
Subject: Support Israel! DC Sniper Muhammad first shot synagogue! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Mr. John Muhammad the DC Sniper who terrorized our nation's capital for so
long began his campaign of violent terrorism back in May when according to
recent reports he shot bullets at Temple Beth El in Tacoma Washington. I
think this horrifyingly but clearly illustrates that Islamists who get away
with attacking Jewish targets soon follow up by attacking all of America.
That is why supporting Israel's efforts to physically destroy the PLO is not
a luxury for America but a necessity.

Your administration has repeatedly criticized Israel for imposing strict
curfews on the nests of PLO terrorists in Jenin Nablus and Hebron. Because
of pressure from your administration Israel has repeatedly eased its
restrictions on these Islamist populations and the murderers among them.
Each time the result has been an increase in Islamist suicide/homicide
bombings of innocent Israeli Jews. And as Mr. Muhammad has painfully
demonstrated it is only a matter of time before these Palestinian Islamists
move from Jewish targets to American targets.

Therefore American homeland defense must make common cause with Israel's
Holy Land defense in all of Judea Samaria Jerusalem the Golan Heights and
Gaza. Otherwise the Islamists of the Middle East will follow in the
footsteps of Mr. Muhammad and Osama Bin Laden and attack America again.





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