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Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002
Subject: Support Israel! No PLO state in Judea Samaria or Jerusalem! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On November 11 Veterans' Day your envoy Deputy Assistant Secretary of
State David Satterfield arrived in Israel with the Quartet's roadmap for a
PLO state in 2005. On that same day Arafat's Fatah claimed responsibility
for the terrorist murders of five people earlier that morning in the peaceful
family farming community of Kibbutz Metzer north of Tel Aviv. The victims
murdered in that attack included thirty-four year old Revital Chayon and her
two sons Matan and Noam aged five and four. Mrs. Chayon tried to shield
her children with her body as the Arab terrorists broke into her home
unfortunately to no avail.

This happens every time you send an American envoy--be it Secretary Powell
General Zinni or George Tenet--to pressure Israel to accept a PLO state.
The Arabs see it as an opportunity to kill Jews with impunity assuming that
Israel will be too preoccupied fending off American political pressure to be
able to fend for herself militarily.

I think it is time you stopped sending emissaries to the region and end your
support for a PLO state. You should return to your original position that
the Arabs will have to negotiate peace terms with Israel without the benefit
of American pressure on Israel. And I think it is time you forged an
American foreign policy supporting Israel's right to sovereignty in Judea
Samaria Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The Bible history and the blood
of the thousands of innocent Jewish mothers and children deliberately
slaughtered by Arabs--now including Mrs. Chayon and her two little boys from
Kibbutz Metzer--all cry out that you do this.

It would be a fitting tribute to the memory of all who have given their lives
on the altar of liberty if you chose this Veterans' Day as the day you ended
your advocacy of a PLO state and boldly declared your support for Israel's
sovereignty in all of its ancient Divinely promised homeland.





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