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Date: Mon 25 Nov 2002
Subject: Support Israel and tear up "road map" for PLO terrorist state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

As one of your staunch supporters the "road map" that you are pushing on
Israel causes me great distress and shakes my confidence in your wisdom. I
as most Americans have been relieved that until now you have lead our
great republic so well during this perilous war against terrorism. But
nothing less than our survival is at stake and there is little room for error
on your part. There is certainly no room for an error of the magnitude of
your advocacy of the establishment of a terrorist PLO state.

A so-called Palestinian state (there never has been a Palestinian people or
nation) will be a center for international terrorism aimed at the destruction
of America as well as Israel. It will be the launching pad for an
international Islamist reign of terror probably financed by our good friends
the Saudis just as--according to recently published congressional
reports--the Saudi's financed the 9/11 hijackers.

Please Mr. President stop following a "road map" of appeasement of Islamist
terror. The future of Western Judeo-Christian Civilization is in your hands.





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