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Date: Tue 26 Nov 2002
Subject: Support Israel and help defeat Islamist terror threatening US!! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

We all wish it were true that the vast majority of Muslim Americans and
Muslims worldwide were peace-loving people; unfortunately it is not.

On October 17 2002 the Moslem chaplain of the New York City fire
department Imam Abdul Malik was a guest of a student organization at the
City College of New York called Women in Islam. In that talk he defended
terrorist-murder in Israel. Furthermore this Muslim women's organization
has never spoken out about women's rights in the Muslim world. They have
never spoken out for freedom and democracy nor have they ever denounced
terrorism as against their fundamental beliefs.

The unfortunate truth is that Islam is an international political movement
barely disguised as a religion. Their holy month of Ramadan is not a time of
contemplative reflection but a time for increased terror and war in the

Mr. President you would serve the American people better if you openly
opposed the seductive fiction that if we would only placate the Islamists
and offered them the Jews of Israel as sacrifices they would like America
more. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are just like the Nazis
whom your father bravely risked his life to fight as a pilot; they wish to
destroy America as much as they wish to destroy Israel. And just like the
Nazis only overwhelming force and a clear consistent moral conviction can
defeat them.

Covering up the funding of terrorist crimes by the Saudis won't do it.
Installing Iranian rulers (whom you correctly categorized as members of "the
axis of evil") to rule Iraq instead of Saddam Hussein won't do it. Only by
bravely standing at Israel's side as it fights its war for survival against
the PLO will you contribute to the defeat of Islamist terror that threatens
America today.





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