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Date: Fri 13 Dec 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Listen to Abrams and move US embassy to Jerusalem!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your recent appointment of Elliot Abrams as your senior advisor
for Arab-Israeli affairs for the National Security Council. Mr. Abrams is a
proud Jew who has been vigorous in his support for Israel's right to
Jerusalem. You should listen to the advice of your new senior advisor and
immediately move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

In a chapter Abrams wrote entitled "Israel and the 'Peace Process'" for the
2000 book Present Dangers edited by Robert Kagan and William Kristol Abrams
criticized the Clinton administration for refusing to move the embassy and
recognize Israel's claim to Jerusalem. Mr. Abrams wrote: "As a Palestinian
state moves closer to reality its own commitment to the peace process
remains in doubt but Western (including American) willingness to hold Arafat
and the PA to its commitments is weak. Such a policy is bound to increase
Palestinian appetites rather than inhibit Palestinian aggression. As if to
ensure this outcome the Clinton administration adamantly refused to move the
US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 1999...(This) constitutes a threat
to the peace process because it tantalizes the Palestinians with the
prospect of forcing the Jews to abandon Jerusalem and doing so with Western

Mr. President you are widely expected to once again postpone the embassy
move this month. Please confound those expectations and listen to the words
of your new senior advisor Mr. Abrams who has urged the embassy be moved to
Jerusalem. In these critical days for Israel and America and the entire
free world supporting Israel's right to Jerusalem is an essential part of
our homeland security program. For as the Psalmist declares in chapter 122:
"Seek the completeness of Jerusalem for those who love you will be secure."





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