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Date: Fri 27 Dec 2002
Subject: Support Israel not PLO terror state endangering US! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Over 55 years ago the UN voted to partition the Land of Israel and establish
a Jewish state along side an Arab state. The Arabs uniformly rejected the
notion of partition back then claiming that the land was entirely theirs
and have continued rejecting it ever since. The Arabs have not stopped for a
single day since then trying to murder Jews and to destroy the Jewish State.

Mr. President you are far too wise and intelligent to believe seriously that
the Arabs would now be satisfied with a state on part of the Land of Israel.
The evidence is overwhelming that they would use any advantage that they gain
to continue pursuing their goals of murdering Jews and destroying the State
of Israel with resultant continuing terrorism and corruption elsewhere in
the world.

Please Mr. President abandon all plans to offer the Arabs rule over any
part of Land of Israel. The fight against Arab/Islamic terrorism will be won
when the Jewish people dwell securely in the Land that God promised them
thousands of years ago and delivered into their hands in 1948 and 1967.

Please remember that God has promised to cause those who contend with Israel
to fail (Isaiah 41:11-12) and that He has repeatedly promised to bless those
who bless and to curse those who curse the Nation of Israel (Genesis 12:3;
27:29; Numbers 24:9). Please Mr. President--particularly now with North
Korea's unprecedentedly public program to procure weapons of mass destruction
to threaten American security--remember that God always keeps His promises.
The Arabs will not succeed and those who support them will share in that

Please make sure that America does not suffer from that Divine warning of
failure particularly at this most dangerous time in our increasingly
dangerous world. End the hundred of millions of dollars your administration
sends to Arafat's bloody coffers of terrorism--not just for Israel's sake
but for America's sake as well. End your advocacy of a PLO state in the Land
of Israel not just for Israel's security but for America's as well.





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