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Date: Tue 7 Jan 2003
Subject: Support Israel with more than sympathy! Stop US funding of PLO
Dear Mr. President:

You had nice words of sympathy for the 23 Israelis killed, and over 100
wounded, by a pair of suicide bombers from Arafat's Al Aksa Brigade who
attacked Tel Aviv's old central bus station on Sunday, January 5. "I
condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms," were the
appropriate words you used. Now it is time for you to back up those fine
words with action.

Now is the time to stop the hundreds of millions of dollars your
administration sends each year to Arafat's corrupt, terrorist Palestinian
Authority. Now is the time for you to stop urging Israel to allow more
freedom of movement for the Arabs of the Judean cities which launch these
murderous terrorist attacks. Now is the time to stop demanding Israel
give more of its own tax funds to Arafat's evil regime of terror. Now is
the time to stop warning Israel to be careful of harming the Arab
civilians who shelter the Arab murderers of Israeli civilians. Because
if you don't take these steps now, your words of sympathy for Israel's
dead will ring hollow, with potentially disastrous consequences for
Israel and America.

Your policy of rewarding Arafat's terrorism by being the first sitting US
president to formally endorse sovereignty for the bloodthirsty Arabs of
Judea and Samaria has coincided with North Korea's development of an
increasingly dangerous nuclear threat to American security. Maybe it is
coincidental, but maybe not. Perhaps the North Koreans are intelligent
enough to ask themselves the following question: If Palestinian
terrorism, using conventional explosives, is rewarded by your
administration with unprecedented American promises of sovereignty, what
rewards from your administration might North Korean nuclear terrorism

So for the sake of the security and freedom of America as well as Israel,
stop offering dollars and sovereignty to the cruel, murderous, terrorist
Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. Empty words of sympathy for
Israel as it mourns its dead only invite further acts of Islamic
terror--and North Korean nuclear terror--against all of us.


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