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Date: Fri 17 Jan 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Arab War Should Put their Claims in Question

Dear Sir:

On December 24 2002 the following letter to the Editor written by
Nelson Marans appeared in The New York Times:

"As you suggest the Mideast road map should not wait for Israeli
elections (editorial Dec. 24). Rather it should wait for Palestinian

Until Palestinians vote to replace the supporters of terror against Israel
and elect a governing body intent on reaching a peaceful conclusion to the
conflict a road map to peace would be a farce."

The Palestinian Arabs have no institutions in place that can assure their
fulfilling any peace agreements with Israel. They are not even capable of
maintaining a short ceasefire. Under these circumstances how can we ask
Israel to trust the welfare of its people to the "word" of Yassir Arafat
and his followers.

There are numerous Arab factions that follow their own agendas. Hamas
Islamic Jihad the PLO El Fatah and the list goes on and on. Although
they all claim Palestine as there supposed homeland many trace their
heritage from diverse lands: Tunisia Egypt Syria Kuwait and others.
There is no one among the Arabs that can assure Israel that these diverse
and evil groups will live up to any agreements.

Yassir Arafat was elected as leader in an election that occurred almost a
decade ago. His mandate as a leader ended when he began the most recent
war against Israel. Unless the Arabs agree to peaceful coexistence with
the Israelis and soon they will forfeit what ever rights and claims they
think they have.

I urge you to support Israel in this war.

Respectfully yours




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