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Date: Mon 3 Feb 2003
Subject: Support Israel America's ally against Arab terror!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The Challenger disaster tragically illustrates how closely tied are the
fates of Israel and America. This was not only demonstrated by the grief
uniquely shared by Israel and America over the Challenger's destruction.
It was also demonstrated by the rejoicing of the Palestinian Arabs who are
among the greatest enemies of both America and Israel.

On February 2 the following was reported in the Jerusalem Post:
At the Kalandiya refugee camp south of Ramallah a group of young men
sitting in a small restaurant said they felt "happy" when they heard the
news of the space shuttle explosion. "We heard that the Israeli was a
pilot in the Israeli air force who had participated in the attack on the
Iraqi nuclear reactor" said Jamil Shehadeh a 22-year-old mechanic. "God
is great because this pilot has now been punished for the crime which he
committed. I wish we will have more disasters like this in the US and
Israel. Who do the Americans and Israelis think they are?"

My response to that Arab is that Americans and Israelis think they are
free to reject the second class "dhimmi" status to which Moslems wish to
confine them. Americans and Israelis think they have a right to live in
peace and security free of the intimidation and blackmail which is the
purpose of Islamic terror. Americans and Israelis think they have a right
to defend themselves against suicide bombers 9/11 attacks and Passover

Your administration's answer to the Palestinians rejoicing over the
Challenger tragedy and wondering who Americans and Israelis think they
are should include the following: Americans and Israelis are united by
blood and purpose as never before and are more determined than ever to win
their fight for survival against the cancer of Islamic terror
everywhere--and refuse to grant it sanctuary anywhere--including Ramallah
Jenin Hevron Kalkiya Nablus Bethlehem and Gaza.





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