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Date: Thu 13 Feb 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Support Our Friends and Not Our Enemies

Dear Sir:

I urge you to support Israel in its war against the Palestinian Arabs.

We must learn who our friends are and who our enemies are. Palestinian
Arab religious leaders have recently issued a fatwa against Arab leaders
aiding the United States. A news report written by Arnon Regular reports
that the fatwa threatens that ďAny Arab ruler who assists an American
assault on Iraq in any way "betrays God and His prophet violates Muslim
law and will pay a heavy price." This fatwa was released by a group of
Muslim clerics affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The fatwa also urges Arab businesses to cut all ties with such countries
and to "boycott American products and withdraw their money from American

"Muslims must prepare for a jihad [holy war] against the American Zionist
British aggression toward Iraq" the fatwa concluded.

It is time to send the Palestinian Arabs back to where they came from:
Syria Lebanon Egypt and other Arab countries. No more American money can
be spent on UNRWA the United Nations agency that has subsidized this Arab
hate for over fifty years.

The Palestinian Arabs supported the evil Sadam Hussein in the first Gulf
War. They are supporting the satanical Iraqi leader now too. They are no
friends of America and must be treated by us as the enemies they truly

I urge you to support Israel in its war of existence.

Respectfully yours




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