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Date: Thu 20 Feb 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Americans don't want PLO State! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

By a margin of 71% to 13% Americans oppose the creation of a
Palestinian Arab state according to a new national poll of 1000 Americans
by the respected polling firm of John McLaughlin and Associates.

By a margin of five and a half to one Americans oppose creating a
Palestinian Arab state; by a margin of six and a half to one Americans
oppose U.S. aid to the Palestinian Arabs; by a margin of four and a half to
one Americans want Palestinian Arab killers of Americans handed over to the
U.S. for prosecution; by a margin of more than three to one Americans
believe that the Palestinian Arabs' goal is the destruction of Israel; by a
margin of two to one Americans believe that a Palestinian Arab state will
be a terrorist state; and by a margin of three to one Americans say that
world leaders should not meet with Palestinian Arab officials such as Abu
Mazen Yasir Arafat's second in command who have denied or distorted the

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: "This comprehensive survey
done by one of America's leading pollsters shows that the vast majority of
Americans understand that a Palestinian Arab state would be a terrorist
state that seeks Israel's destruction and they do not want their tax
dollars being used to finance the creation of such a state. President Bush's
support for creating a Palestinian Arab state and giving financial aid to
the Palestinian Arabs is clearly at odds with the views of the vast majority
of American citizens."

Mr. President as America braces for the next stage in its fight for
survival against Islamic terror you must not needlessly alienate the
majority of patriotic Americans who support Israel's own fight for
survival against PLO terror. Please end your financial aid to the
Palestinian Authority and end your support for the creation of another
Islamic state in Judea Samaria Gaza and Jerusalem.





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