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Date: Fri 28 Feb 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs Support Saddam Hussein Israel Supports America

Dear Sir:

Our country's war against terrorism is progressing as we lead the World in
demanding that Sadam Hussein destroy his weapons of mass destruction.

The enemies of America and Israel are embracing the cause of Iraq as a
means of demonstrating against the American way of life. In a recent
article by Thomas L. Friedman in The New York Times Friedman quotes
William Rees-Mogg the former editor of The Times of London. In an essay
the latter wrote after watching the recent massive antiwar demonstrations
in Europe he referred to the various banners carried by protesters. "There
was I thought one slogan which was missing. There were quite a number
which called for `Freedom for Palestine' [but] I looked in vain for one
which called for `Freedom for Iraq.' . . . None of the speakers expressed
any wish to free Iraq. . . ."

By stealing on the bandwagon of an evil Iraq the Palestinian Arabs are
trying to publicize there own evil designs against the democratic State of
Israel. We must allow Israel to continue to defend itself.

The Boston Globe stated on 1/9/03: To demand "restraint" of Israel now to
insist that it voluntarily suppress its right to self-defense is to make
bloody atrocities ... not less likely but more so. Like the Taliban in
Afghanistan the Palestinian Authority and the murderers it supports must
be crushed. That is the plain meaning of the Bush Doctrine and the
essential first step to peace."

The Arabs have lost their right to any State within Israel the West Bank
and Gaza. The Israelis and the United States will never be able to trust
them after the murderous war they have been engaged in for the past 2
years. Reality is that they have been involved in this war against the
Jews and Israel for the past one hundred years. How can we or the Israelis
depend upon them to keep a peace that they have never accepted?

I urge you to support Israel a staunch democratic ally in our war against

Respectfully yours




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