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Date: Tue 11 Mar 2003
Subject: Support Israel : America's Enemies are Israel's Enemies

Dear Sir:

In reporting on yet another Arab geonocide bombing in Israel the March 6
2003 edition of the New York Daily News reported that the bomber "was
carrying a letter praising the Sept. 11 attacks..." The Palestinian Arabs
are taking inspiration from the slaughter of defenseless Americans in
their murderous attacks against Israeli civilians.

We must continue to support Israel and its people in their war against the
Arabs. The same Arabs who are at war with America.

The same edition of the Daily News reported about the glee expressed by a
Palestinian Arab academic who compared the casualities of this "Oslo War"
to those of the Viet Nam War: "The death toll is four Palestinians for one
Israeli a percentage the Vietnamese never dreamed about."

But the Israeli casualties are civilians: children and their teachers
babies and their mothers parents and grandparents. Murdered in their
homes and schools. In their bedrooms and kitchens. Murdered in cold blood
by the supporters of Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein.

It is time to put an end to this evil.

There never was an independent Arab state on the West Bank of the Jordan
River and we can not allow one now. The Palestinian Arabs are a people who
refuse to live in peace with the Jews and it seems with America. It is
these Arabs who side with Saddam Hussein who danced in the streets on
September 11th and who support Al Qeida in its war against the West.

You ask that Israel negotiate with the Palestinian Arabs. But how? When
accused of failing to halt the attacks against Israel a spokesman for the
Palestinian Arab Authority stated that "they don't control Hamas." If
they cannot control their people they cannot be trusted to be a peaceful
neighbor. They cannot have an independent state within Israel. Let them
have their states in Jordan in Syria and in Lebanon.

I urge you to Support Israel in its war against the Arabs.

Respectfully yours




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