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Date: Mon 17 Mar 2003
Subject: Support Israel! No PLO terror state to replace Saddam's Iraq! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

I share the disappointment expressed by the American Defamation League
the Zionist Organization of America the Council of Presidents and AIPAC
regarding their serious concerns over your speech on March 14 which
endorsed the Quartet's roadmap for a PLO state. At the very time you are
risking so much American blood and treasure to dismantle Saddam's
terrorist regime in Iraq you are helping the PLO build another one in
Israel's Biblical heartland of Judea Samaria and Jerusalem. Such a
contradictory policy will profit neither Israeli nor American security.

There no net plus for America if in the process of destroying one Islamic
terrorist state your administration insists on the establishment of
another. That is the bottom line of your endorsement of the Quartet's
roadmap for Israeli concessions. That is why your policy endangers
America every bit as much as it endangers Israel.

But there is an additional danger to American interests. Three quarters
of the Quartet consist of the European Union Russia and the UN. How can
your policy be that the same people who think that Iraq is currently
cooperating with arms inspections should be the ones to determine whether
Palestinians are easing up on attacks on Israelis? Your enhancement of
the credibility of these members of the Quartet by insisting they become
the arbiters of Israeli security will harm American interests as these
same shameless liars heap their calumnies on your administration's
campaign in Iraq.

And shading the truth is a communicable disease. By trying to ingratiate
your administration with the prevaricators in the UN the European Union
and Russia you end up disregarding inconvenient facts yourself. The
Palestinian Authority has increased its pace of terrorism since last June
when you made their ending terror a prerequisite for your administration's
support. The prime minister the PA has appointed is a meaningless
figurehead who has published Holocaust-denying material in the recent
past and only last week endorsed the murder of Israelis in Jerusalem.
Such actions violate rather than fulfill the demands you placed upon the
PLO in your speech of June 24. Yet you overlook such inconvenient facts in
your rush to endorse the Quartet's roadmap.

Please abandon your endorsement of the establishment of a PLO state.
Instead please endorse Israeli sovereignty in all of Judea Samaria
Jerusalem the Golan Heights and Gaza so that another Islamic terrorist
state does not arise to threaten Israel or America.





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