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Date: Mon 24 Mar 2003
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs Support Saddam Hussein

Dear Mr. President:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the country in these
days of trial and tribulation as our Armed Forces pursue the forces of
evil in Iraq. May our forces succeed quickly and with as little harm as

The evils perpetrated by Saddam Hussein are many and widespread and the
hate spread by his regime is far reaching. Among his supporters are
thousands of Arabs in Gaza. He has rewarded the families of Palestinian
genocide bombers with thousands of dollars in grants as encouragement for
their evil deeds.

I am sure you recognize that the task of uprooting terrorism will not end
with pacification of Afghanistan the freeing of Iraq and the capture of
Bin Ladin. There are many other evils in this world that must be
eradicated before America can be free from the threat of terrorism.

The regime of Yasir Arafat and his Palestinian Authority must be included
in our battle against terror. Arab terrorism has plagued Israel and the
Jewish people since the beginning of the last century. Far longer than
since 9/11.

The first act of Arab terrorism on American soil was the murder of a Rabbi
in the early '90s. The failure of America to denounce this act as an act
of terrorism was an omission that we cannot allow again.

We must recognize our true enemies. As the World Trade Center came down
the Arabs of Hebron were dancing in the streets. As the Challenger
astronauts were being mourned throughout the world the Arabs were singing
in Ramallah.

The Arabs living in Gaza and the territories adjacent to Israel are not
friends of America and cannot be trusted to live in peace with us or our
allies. They have encouraged and supported terrorism for decades.

For the security of Israel and the World there can never be an Arab state
west of the Jordan River.

Respectfully yours




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