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Date: Fri 4 Apr 2003
Subject: Support Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria to fight Terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your administration has kept American troops in Afghanistan for more than
a year with plans to keep them their for more years in the future. Your
current campaign in Iraq also calls for keeping tens of thousands in Iraq
for years to come. It is appropriate that you do so because a land of
terrorism is not easily or quickly changed of its evil habits. That is
why it is inappropriate for your administration to promote the Quartet's
Middle East roadmap. That roadmap calls for withdrawal of Israeli troops
from the West Bank where Arab terrorism has developed much stronger and
deeper roots than it has in Iraq or Afghanistan.

There has been a decrease in the numbers of Israelis killed by Arafat's
murderous agents but that is only due to the courageous work of the
Israeli soldiers who kill and capture Arab terrorists in the West Bank and
Gaza before they get the chance to murder Jews. The New York Times on
April 4 reported on page 8 that "The Israeli army said that in the last 24
hours it had stopped three would-be suicide bombers."

Also Major General Amos Gilad said in an interview on April 2 2003 to
Voice of
Israel radio that the IDF is operating in the territories as a result of a
growing number of warnings of terrorist attacks. He emphasized that the
relative quiet is a direct result of IDF and security service activity.
"There is no decline in terrorism on the part of the Palestinian Authority"
he added.

Therefore your administrations advocacy of the Quartet's roadmap is
defacto advocacy of removing the only effective impediment to Arab terror
in Judea Samaria and Gaza which is the Israeli Army. You do not
advocate such an approach for American troops in Afghanistan or Iraq as
they battle Arab terrorism there. You should not advocate such an
approach for Israel as it battles the same Arab terrorism it faces and
that threatens free people everywhere.





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