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Date: Fri 11 Apr 2003
Subject: Support Israel: No Double Standard In The Fight Against Terror

Dear Sir:

Why is the world once again making Israel a sacrificial lamb? Why have we
made a double standard in how we fight against threats against our country
versus how we sanction the responses of other countries?

These issues must be reflected in our government's policies. Our policies
must include respect for the rights of all countries to protect their
citizens from terror and support for all wars against terror.

A recent article dated March 26 2003 on the website of Express India
discussed the appearance in American policy of double standards. "India on
Wednesday strongly disapproved the "double standards" pursued by the US
and some others in dealing with Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorism
saying the fight against international terrorism was "ill-served" if
threats in some cases were met with military means and in others with
calls for restraint and dialogue. "

Criticism of the double standard in our treatment of Palestinian Arab
terrorism should be no less than that sponsored by Pakistan. In the
President's recent news conferences he has stressed the need for a dual
state solution to solve the Arab-Israel conflict.

How can such a solution be proposed to this ongoing conflict? From the
time of the Oslow Agreement to September 2000 when outright Arab war
against Israel was renewed in earnest there were considerably more
Israelis murdered by the Arabs than in prior comparable periods. The Arabs
did not look at the promise of a state as a cause to make peace but as a
reason to continue their war against Israel and the Jews.

Arab responses to the hand of peace given to them by the late Yitchock
Rabin and others have only served to cause another generation to learn
that their word is meaningless. There can be no additional Arab state in
Palestine without the establishment of this trust. That trust has been
lost for the forseeable future if not for generations.

I urge your continuing support of Israel.

Respectfully yours




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