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Date: Thu 24 Apr 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Arabs Support Continuation of Muder Not Peace

Dear Sir:

The “Road Map to Peace” in the Middle East is a faulty plan that will not
result in a lasting peace. The plan assumes that Israel has a partner for
peace. There is no peace partner. After 9 years of the Oslo War and 2.5
years of Arafat’s Intifada II The New York Times in its March 22 2003
edition reported that according to a poll conducted by the Palestinian
Center for Policy 57 percent of the Palestinian Arabs support attacks on
Israeli Civilians. This does not portend well for any peace plan.

The new Palestinian government also does not appear inclined toward a true
peace. In an article in the March 30 2002 Boston Globe Jeff Jacoby
discussed the new Palestinian Arab leader’s views toward the peace
process. “At Camp David in 2000 Abbas was among those who pressed Arafat
to reject Israel's comprehensive peace proposal notes political scientist
Dan Schueftan a former advisor to Yitzhak Rabin. Palestinians should have
no regrets about refusing Israel's offer of 95 percent of the land Abbas
has since said "because 95 percent is not 100 percent." He insists not
only that Israel surrender every inch of land occupied in self-defense in
1967 -- including the Old City of Jerusalem and its Jewish holy sites --
but also that millions of Palestinians be given an unlimited right of
immigration into Israel proper. Of course that would spell the end of the
Jewish state -- just what Fatah and the PLO have sought for 40 years.”

Are these the people that can be trusted to make a true peace? The answer
is no. Not until the Arabs realize that there are two sides to any
agreement and that that Israel is there to stay will there be peace.

The Arabs celebrate the new government with a murder bomb in Tel Aviv.
This is not peace. This is a continuation of the War!

I urge you to continue your support of Israel. There can only be one state
in Israel. The Arabs already have Palestinian states in Jordan Lebanon
and Syria.

Respectfully yours




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