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Date: Mon 28 Apr 2003
Subject: Support Israel's fight for life not Arab lust for death! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You are the first American President to support the creation of a PLO
state while still in office. No other sitting American President has done
so. I believe all your predecessors were right and you are wrong in this

The two-state solution you endorse implies an evenhanded evaluation of the
merits of Israel's position and that of the Arabs who are openly committed
to Israel's destruction. It is comparable to being evenhanded towards a
cancer and a cancer patient a murderer and his victim freedom and
slavery good and evil. Evenhanded attitudes in such circumstances are
the result of moral corruption not moral clarity. And they will bring
America no lasting success or security because as you yourself have
stated only a consistent moral clarity will lead America to victory in
our war for survival against Islamic terror.

The lead editorial in the Jerusalem Post of April 28 spelled out the
necessity for an "unevenhanded" approach for American policy when it wrote
the following: "Rather than bog down in the details of the road map the
overarching correction needed from Bush is to do something very
"unevenhanded" and say the truth: Israel is a democracy that wants peace
and it is the unconditional obligation of the Arab world to end its
century of war against the only Jewish state. Until Bush returns the
burden of realizing his two-state vision more starkly to Palestinian and
other Arab shoulders Powell might as well stay home."

Please end your fuzzy morality of equating Israel and the PLO with your
two-state road map. Instead please support Israel's historical and
Biblical right for sovereignty in Judea Samaria Jerusalem and the Golan





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