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Date: Fri 2 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel's right to defend itself like America! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

American armed forces in Iraq killed 17 Iraqi demonstrators this week in
the city of Falluja. Not a single American serviceman was reported killed
or injured in these encounters. You correctly did not blame or criticize
these American servicemen because they were acting in self defense.
Unfortunately your spokesperson hypocritically criticized Israel when its
soldiers defended themselves and suffered nine wounded in Gaza City
yesterday. Such hypocrisy undermines the moral clarity that is necessary
for America to win its own fight for survival against Islamic terror.

After doing everything possible to limit civilian casualties including
repeatedly urging family members to leave a building that was sheltering
their terrorist relatives--which they refused to do -- the Israeli army
killed 13 Palestinian Arabs at least ten of whom were armed terrorists.
But one of the thirteen dead was a two year old child and this prompted
your State Department spokeswoman Jo-Anne Prokopowicz to issue to
following statement: "We deeply regret the civilian casualties that
occurred today in Gaza. We urge the Israeli government to take all
appropriate precautions to prevent the death or injury of innocent
civilians and damage to civilian and humanitarian infrastructure. This
includes exercising restraint in undertaking operations in civilian

Mr. President America is facing an increasingly dangerous world and this
is no time to be issuing canards against allies like Israel. North
Korea's nuclear program Iran's growing influence in Iraq and America's
contracting economy are real problems that threaten the security of the
United States and your own reelection prospects. This is precisely the
wrong time to be rhetorically tossing allies like Israel to the winds of
Arab appeasement blowing through your State Department.

Please support Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem Judea Samaria the
Golan Heights and Gaza. That is the position most justified by history
morality and the Bible. It is also the only position that will prevent
Saddam's terrorist regime in Iraq from being replaced by an even more
dangerous Islamic terrorist regime under Arafat's PLO.





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