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Date: Sat 3 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Do Not Ask Israel to Do What America Will Not Do (VIPAC)

Dear Sir:

I am an American citizen proud of the stand the United States took against
Afghanistan and against Iraq.

I just heard three of the main stages of your Road Map for Israel and the

1) Israel is to dismantle settlements in Judea Samaria and Gaza started
since the current intifada began and to freeze expansion even for natural
population growth of pre-existing cities and towns.

2) Temporary boundaries of a palestinian state are to be set.

3) Negotiate and agree on final status issues.

With due respect I must say right out that it is totally unfair to
ask/demand of Israel something that the United States did not and would
not tolerate if something similar was suggested (not to say dictated) to
the U.S. itself. Then why is the United States of America world fighter
against terrorism throwing it at the State of Israel and asking/demanding
them to accept it?

A simple rhetorical question should be what did Israel get out of the
period of the intifada that it is being asked to return to a situation
existing before the intifada except for:

1) hundreds of its citizens as well as many American citizens having
been murdered by the palestinian terrorists;

2) thousands of its citizens and many American citizens being maimed for

3) the tremendous negative effect on the Israeli economy due to the
extremely high defense budget causing unemployment and sinking thousands
more to below the poverty level.

And all of this while the palestinians have elected for themselves a
prime-minister who is still dedicated to the destruction of the State of
Israel AND who is still subject to the scrutiny of their head terrorist
Yasser Arafat!! A prime minister whose doctorial thesis involved holocaust
denial and who is accused of having financed the Munich Olympic massacre!

And all this while the palestinians are continuing their suicide bombings!!

Would America agree to the appointment of Baghdad “Bob” to head an interim
government in Iraq while the Revolutionary Guard was assaulting American

As I mentioned earlier I am an American citizen proud of the stand the
United States took against Afghanistan and against Iraq. However I am
ashamed for the pressure that the United States in general and the
Secretary of State and the President are now placing on Israel. Is this
the meaning of an evenhanded policy particularly to the closest and only
democratic ally in the Middle East?!?

Please treat Israel in no less a fashion than the United States itself
would act.

Respectfully yours


Thank to you to Binyamin C of Jerusalem for assistance with this letter.




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