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Date: Thu 8 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel's Sharon! NO flood of phony PLO refugees into Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Prime Minister Sharon has said that the PLO must publicly renounce its
plans to flood Israel with millions of Arabs who have a profound hatred of
the Jewish State. Your administration has not supported Prime Minister
Sharon on this issue and I think you should. If you are serious about
advancing peace in the Middle East with security for Israel how can you
not oppose Arafat's plan of transporting to Israel millions of Arabs who
in their guise of pseudo-refugees live the lie that they have more right
to the land of Israel than do the people of Israel?

An editorial from the Jerusalem Post on 5/9 entitled "Breaking Oslo's
Spell" put it this way: "Now that the Palestinian commitment in Oslo to
the peaceful resolution of disputes has become a cruel joke remaking the
same promises will impress no one. What would be significant is if the
Palestinians say up front they agree to solving the refugee problem
outside and only outside of Israel...Unless the idea of a "right" of
Palestinians to move to Israel is dropped talk of recognizing Israel's
right to exist is meaningless....The simplest way for Bush to get the ball
rolling is for him to point out the obvious inconsistency of claiming to
recognize Israel on the one hand and flood it with refugees on the other.
Either the Palestinians believe in two separate states or they do not."

Mr. President you should support Prime Minister Sharon in his insistence
that Arafat's PLO publicly drop their phony "right of return" before
anything else is discussed. It is obviously just another Arab attempt to
conquer the Land of Israel to which the Arabs have neither right nor
title. Your administration should stand with Prime Minister Sharon as he
bravely confronts this historical lie that undermines any chance for
peaceful coexistence in the Middle East.





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